Thomas Danthony is a French artist who established his studio in London in 2012 before moving his practice to Barcelona in 2020. His work spans from canvas paintings to commissions for international clients.

His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world as well as seen on book covers, posters, magazines, large scale murals and global advertising campaigns. He has self published several of his works in the form of limited edition prints and artists books.

Recent commissions include the cover of the New York Times book review, a series of architectural screen-prints for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and a textile pattern for ethical bathing suits brand, Arrels. Clients include; The Royal Mail, The New Yorker, Arte, Hennessy, The English National Opera and Penguin, to name a few.

In 2019, Thomas has also co-created and curated the exhibition Touch Wood at the Old Truman brewery in London. It featured more than 50 international artists who produced original artworks for the show which raised funds for the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most threatened habitats.

He is currently developing a new series of paintings on canvas, which while remaining figurative are approaching subjects in a pure graphic manner. Using a simplified visual language allows him to evoke poetic imaginary encounters, keeping a lot of space for interpretation by the viewer. The paintings are made on raw linen where the uneven texture balances the precision of the methodical execution. Thomas approaches canvas as objects, dedicating as much importance to small texture details as to finding the right colour hue or shaping it’s forms.

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Solo show

2019    Waterfalls, Online.

2016    Modern Shapes, Tictail, New York.

2015    Voyage, Sergeant Paper, Paris.

Group show

2021    Context, Art Miami, Hashimoto Contemporary, Miami.

2020    Greeting from Miami, Hashimoto Contemporary, New York.
                Timeless II, Fondation Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West, AZ.
                Power in Number, Nucleus, Portland.
                Best Picture, 71A, London.

2019    Touch Wood, Old Truman Brewery, London.
                Timeless, Fondation Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West, AZ.
                World of Succulent, Qpop, Los Angeles.

2018    Play With Art, SIF, Seoul.

2017    Handsome Frank, The print Space, London.

2015    Golden Pen, National Bank of Serbia, Belgrade.

2013    Not For Rental, 71A, London.
                Escape, Direktorenhause, Berlin.

2011    Rock, Voskel, Paris.
             Kodex, Palais de la Bourse, Marseille.


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