Shop FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Thomas Danthony's art, and welcome to our online shop! 

We’ve designed this store to make purchasing an original artwork by Thomas Danthony as simple as possible. Our main concerns are the privacy and security of any transaction and the safe transfer of the artwork from the studio to you. We’re constantly aiming to improve the store. Below you can find answers to questions we regularly receive from collectors:

Who runs the store?
You are purchasing artwork directly from Thomas Danthony's studio. The shop manager, Cola, has been in charge of the store since 2018. Cola is happy to help you with any question regarding your selection and purchase.

What kind of artworks can I buy?
Every item in this store is an original artwork by Thomas Danthony.

All paintings are created, signed and numbered by Thomas Danthony.

Screen Prints
Thomas prepares the color separations, reviews color proofs and follows the whole printing process closely. He reviews, signs and numbers each of the prints.

Giclee Prints
The Giclee editions are reviewed, signed and numbered by Thomas Danthony.

Each print is then reviewed, signed and numbered by Thomas Danthony.

There are a number of objects produced by Thomas Danthony Studios, this ranges from blankets, rugs, tote bags, shirts and more. Thomas works closely with all suppliers and aims, where possible, to use fairtrade, organic, sustainable sourced and recycled products.

Order confirmation
You will receive an order confirmation via email after you‘ve placed your order.

We aim to ship all orders within 5 business days. Delivery times vary based on your location. Once items have been shipped, a tracking number will be emailed to you on the same day.
Bear in mind the studio also closes for holidays from time to time and we will temporarily close the store to ensure there are no delayed shipments of orders.
All our items are shipped using our local postal system. Orders to Europe can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered and longer to other countries.  If you need a faster delivery, please email us directly before you place the order and we can calculate the cost and arrange for a UPS 3-4 day shipment.

Shipping costs
All orders come with free shipping.
The buyer is responsible for any incurring customs fees, VAT or sales taxes.

We currently accept most card payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and STRIPE payments.

We want you to be 100% happy and excited about your artwork. Should you not be fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return the artwork within 2 weeks after you received the shipment. We will issue a full refund once the artwork is back in the studio undamaged. Please contact us before sending any item back as if the product is not in perfect condistion when returned it won’t be refunded. We will deduct the shipping cost from the refund.

What is an edition?
A print edition is a series of prints produced in the same way at the same time. Many contemporary artists produce editions (prints) or multiples (objects) in variable editions. 
Editions are signed, and numbered. The numbering follows established rules: The number "7/20" for example shows that the print is the seventh print of an edition of twenty. Outside the official edition there are a few so called Artist Proofs. These are called "A.P.".

Color accuracy of images show in the online gallery
The images you see in the store represent the original as closely as possible. Since natural pigments and paper can’t be accurately reproduced digitally, the original artwork may look slightly different from the digital preview.

How is my artwork packed?
Each artwork is securely packed with several protective layers. Large format prints are packed in sturdy cardboard tubes, small prints and paintings are shipped flat, protected by very strong cardboard covers.
If your artwork comes in a tube, we strongly recommend to unpack the artwork as soon as possible or at least not storing it longer than 7 days.
When unpacking, please make sure to carefully unroll the artwork and let it slowly unfold itself. We recommend that you avoid to touch the painted or printed surface to avoid damage to the artwork.

Can I buy digital prints or request custom art pieces ?
Custom orders are accepted from time to time, but this is based on the amount of time available in Thomas Danthony's schedule at the time and the nature of the request. Please feel free to reach out to us at studio@thomasdanthony.com and we will reach out to you directly.

I’m interested in a piece that is marked “sold out”
In rare occasions we might have an artist proof (A.P.) in stock. Please contact us and we can inquire if we can make it available.

What about copyright of an image
With the purchase of an art piece, you become the owner of the physical art piece. The copyright remains with Thomas Danthony. You may not reproduce the image without written consent of Thomas Danthony.

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